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It’s a Monday, but it’s only hit me just now the significance of what was said in passing Saturday night and why I should take offense to it.
I was walking, waist in arm, with A back home and we were both a little tipsy and it was a lovely night. A rowdy group of guys are walking in the opposite direction, and upon seeing us yelled out “HEY MAN YOU’RE GONNA GET LAID TONIGHT, FUCK YEAH!” to which I was like pretty please. We both knew it wasn’t going to happen but had gotten used to people assuming we did on the reg, and so I replied with a wholehearted “WHOOO YES!”.
Now, it bothers me that the exuberant congratulations was extended towards him, and not me. Because honestly, I feel like I would’ve been the one getting lucky. Why can’t I get a pat on the back for landing someone and for successfully seducing someone?
Not sure if this is feminism or what.

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i feel incredibly sad and alone and i dont know anything that can fix it


I’ll never forget when you got kicked out of a gay bar for giving head on a couch after 6 tequila shots and a long island.


For those of you that don’t know, I’m on a cross country trek in China with my family. We’ve gone from Beijing to Urumqi, and honestly, it’s been an adventure of a life time, and so eye opening. I’ve been on a 33 hour train ride and got to see and interact with so many different cultures. It’s been incredible. Stories and pictures forthcoming, hopefully.


Three best anecdotes of the day: : Me: Dad, you never call mom by her actual name. It’s always 亲爱的(roughly translates to “dearest” or “most beloved” or like, “bæ”). Dad: Well, I call her Sarah sometimes. Me: Sometimes she doesn’t respond to that. Dad: But it means princess. 女婿 standards, set. : Me: Oh wow, look. They have that stuff that grows in front of houses here that you mow, like…it’s green carpet, and…it’s a nice green carpet. Shumei: You mean grass. You need English. It’s a nice lawn. Would you like some ice. : Man walks by with a shirt that says “Good good study, day day up.” Five minutes later, I finally realize it’s not just a nonsensical English shirt, it’s the direct, word for word translation of Mao’s famous “好好学习,天天向上” which means, “Study well, improve daily”. I have never wanted a shirt more in my life.

  • A: Just pretend you're lesbian for a second and describe her body.
  • Me: ...I don't know how to say tittays in chinese.
  • A: Well, you're useless.

sometimes i read through old text posts and i wish i could reach back in time and slap myself.


Yo, a shout out to all the boys out there who are fucking beautiful when you wake up and speak a little incoherently in your second/third language like goddamn son, your momma did good, goddamn I’ve never seen white sheets look so good.


I cut myself last night in a drugged up stupor. I need someone to protect me from myself.

So today we went rafting and this was the guy rowing my boat. So this edit was made.
He does Harvard heavyweight crew and was so happy to be in the water again after not rowing for the summer. He’s from Florida and it started raining while we were there.

i was in
trouble when
all i wanted to do
was hold your
hand and
write this


I’m sorry for all the text posts, but I think it’s time for a brief thoughspew, for both myself and for all of you.
China is a radically different place, even in a big city like Beijing. To be honest, I thought every single big city was the same, and in a way, it is. The bustle, the hustle, the people, and the dirt. It’s beautiful and glorious and in a way, the only place I’ll ever be happy. But Beijing in so different from any other place in America solely because there are people here living in cycles and conditions that break my heart.
The dating culture here is one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed. I went out exploring a bit on my own yesterday, and it was a bit of a doozy realizing I was basically the only person alone in this big shopping mall because all the girls had their boyfriends along or shopping with their girlfriends. The girls here also are a different story. Made up like dolls, skin and bones, each of them, make up to kill, and shoes that make them tower. They hold on to their boyfriends for dear life, and the boyfriends, poor fools, are utterly uninterested and uninteresting, and completely enamoured with their phones, looking at their girl only to pull out a wallet. I wasn’t sure what bothered me about the couples at first until I saw a couple that clearly did not fit in. In comparison, they were frumpy, and not as glitzy and glamourous, but the difference was that they were actually interacting. They were actually talking and laughing, not a phone in site, no shopping bags. Just chatting about what to make for dinner and whining a bit about how tiring their days were. But this is one couple, one couple that I saw out of hundreds. And that made me sad.
The other thing is the destructive cycle of poverty that exists in the city, as it does in most cities, but in Beijing, it is most pronounced as you see the lush life with thousand dollar items being bought on the cas, and a beggar with no arms or legs, with a little kid running around them dirty as the street, without really any hope of getting an education. That’s normal to see, that’s something that I’ll always see on the streets, and it really rips my heart open. Because education and mobility is the answer to poverty, but there’s nothing really in place to make sure either happen. Sometimes humanity rips me open.
Exploring the city alone in fun, but to be quite honest, I’ve loved going to different places with A. Because in Beijing, foreigners are a sight to see. Especially the dark. well built ones. I can’t really explain the phenomenon of girls asking to take a picture with him. It’s almost like walking around with a small time celebrity.

  • R: I was talking to this Aussie and he said that the three things one has to see are 1) his lover naked 2) the Great Wall and 3) the David. Together we've done all three.
  • Me: I need to go to Florence and you need to come to China so we can go three for three. What did he consider those three?
  • R: Things to take your breath away.

I climbed the Great Wall today.

Let me tell you something. It’s not some fucking walk in the park. I think I sweated like 2L of water and my lungs felt like they were going to explode. But goddamn the view was amazing.
I think that if you fall in love with someone, you take them to a place like that and see if they appreciate and feel the awesomeness of the world, because it really tells you a lot about a person, if they can still fall in love with beautiful things after some tedious hard ass work.
Of course, for some people it was a piece of cake, but then again they work out on the daily. #built.
Beijing’s nightlife is also great. But now I’m so dead and tomorrow morning, I’m going to wake up feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck.